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INTERVIEW: Lea Dätwyler & ATELIER 1985

Atelier1985 is an innovative and cutting-edge design studio, located in the picturesque country of Switzerland, dedicated to delivering quality and sustainable design solutions to their clients.
The result is a collection of high-quality basic pieces that are easy to combine and can be worn 24/7. The main collection is supplemented with seasonal, hip capsule collections.

The Atelier 1985 collections are produced in a small family business in Turkey.

Wool-Blazer Thomas, Wool-Skirt Erin, Shirt Olana

FM42: How did you end up as a fashion designer?
I started to create my own designs in 2020 – during Covid. I have own the clothes shop Kaufhaus Krone in Olten, and I grew up in the fashion business. Because of that I gained a lot of experiences in selling and buying and know what women like or don’t like.

In 2020, when we had to close our shop due to Covid, I started to question the fashion industry…most of the collections have a 4-6 month time span to sell and after that most of the shops make markdowns to get rid of the actual season. From my poin of view, like that clothes lose their worth really fast like that. Even though the quality and worth is still the same.

Vegan Leather-Blazer Thomas, Skirt Erin with dots, T-Shirt Atelier

That’s when I started to think, that if you have a good timeless design, it should be possible to sell your clothes for more than one season! That’s how I started to create the permanent collection.
In the meantime, we create next to the permanent collection also small capsule-collections, which are more seasonal.

FM42: How would you describe your brand aesthetics?
Timeless, minimalist fashion with high quality, that can be worn 24/7.

Vegan Leather-Coat Oskar, Sweater Vicky, Trouser Vera

FM42: Tell us your impressions and how it is to be presented on the Mode Suisse platform?
It was a great experience to show my collection already for the 2nd time at the Mode Suisse. I really love the location and Yannick and his team did a great job! And of course, it’s special to see your creations on the runway!

Atelier 1985 ModeSuisse and Friends 2023 by Alexander Palacios Basel based Photographer

FM42:What was the main inspiration for your latest collection?
The inspiration for the last collection, which we presented at Mode Suisse came from an old family album, where I found pictures from a fashion show my Mother organized in the late 80s. Therefrom I got the inspiration to combine pencil skirts with oversized blazers and also the combination between knitwear and (vegan)leather. But generally speaking I get inspired daily, sometimes during conversations with customers and of course on social media and magazines.

Sweather Rahel, Skirt Ellen

FM42:What is your favourite fabric that you use ?
My favorite fabric is the viscose from our permanent collection. It is really easy to handle, you can wash it at 30°C and you don’t need to iron. It’s really fluid and comfortable to wear. And the best, you can wear it all year round.

Oliv: Blazer Lyn, Trouser Marlene | black: Blazer Lyn, Trouser Marlene | mauve: Sweatshirt Vivi, Trouser Marlene

FM42: Where can we buy your collection?
You can find us:

Kaufhaus Krone, Olten
Vestibule, Zürich
Looq, Zürich
Vetements, Zürich
Talk about, Rheinfelden
Rive Gauche, Luzern
Boutique Rif, Wil

Suits in different colors: Blazer Lyn, Trouser Marlene

FM42: What do you aspire to be?
My aim is to make good quality clothes that women can wear every day, no matter if they are businesswomen, mothers, housewives, or everything above. The pieces should be wearable for more than one season, easy to handle and to combine. We already achieved a lot during the last 3 years, but I think one of the next goals would be to expand to other countries.

Blazer Toni with dots, Trouser Marlene with dots, Shirt Kevin, Tie

FM42: Message to our readers
It`s worth it, to invest in high quality and timeless designs! Quality over quantity!


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