Feature interview with beauty editor for annabelle.ch Katrin Roth

FM42: How did you first get interested in fashion and why is it important?
When I was a teenager and earned for the first time my own money by cleaning the bathrooms in a retirement home, I was finally able to buy some clothes which I thought were really cool (and which my mother never would have given to me). So I guess, this was the moment when everything started. Fashion has always been important to me as it was and is a way to express myself.

FM42: What inspired you to start like beauty blogger?
As a beauty editor for annabelle.ch I got to test a lot of products, but I never had the chance to write about my experiences, as the texts had to be neutral. So this is how the online-team and me came up with the idea of a blog as a possibility to share my experiences. This was five years ago and it was the start to a great journey, I can tell you!So this is how we came up with the idea of the blog The Beauty Experience.

FM42: What is your favourite beauty product?
Difficult question, as I have a lot of favourites… I think nothing beats a red lipstick – Bite Beauty has a great range! – and a good illuminizier like the one by Tata Harper. Fragrances are also very important to me, at the moment I love Sorriso by Profumum Roma. Oh, and let’s not forget the deo cream by Soapwalla which is all natural and really working (I tested it, believe me!). Also I swear on the Beauty Dust by Moon Juice and my green Smoothies and Yoga. And yes, this is far more than you asked, I am sorry. Nevertheless I would like to add coconut oil, which I use as a make-up remover, body lotion, for oil pulling (good for white teeth!), skincare, hair-oil and dry cuticles… it’s the perfect beauty- multi – tasker (and very yummy in a smoothie).

FM42: How would you describe your own personal style?
This depends on my mood. Normally I like it rather casual. I just love striped shirts, boots and skinny jeans. Also I like scarf’s and coloured coats, as they give an instant boost to every outfit. For more formal occasions I wear a jumpsuit – I just got one at DVF which is great – and some high-heels by Salvatore Ferragamo: they both are no- brainers which always look classy!

FM42: What is the biggest challenge about beauty blogging?
I think a lot of people do not know that it’s really a lot of work behind it – running some tests, doing research, visiting press events, press trips, writing, editing, taking pictures, getting in touch with the community and so on needs a lot of time. But hey, for me it’s the best job in the world so there’s nothing to complain about it, really!

Photo credit by Andrea Monica Hug


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