Fashion story about Swiss blogger Michèle Krüsi

How did you get in to becoming a fashion blogger?
I started with Look-book.first years ago, but first I was only a watcher, never publishing anything myself just felt inspired by all the other outfits shared. One day I decided to try it out sharing my own looks and people seem to like it so that I hit the front page with every single look I posted and people begun to ask for a blog. So when I started it was just sharing lot of pictures with outfit details but not much writing. Then I stopped for two years because other things in life became priority and went back into it again in 2012. with The Fashion Fraction.
Can you describe a typical day to us?
It’s important for me to stay independent. Meaning that I don’t want to put up collaborations with brands I don’t really like or products I can’t support. I think authenticity is king regarding a blog even though I feel like especially many of the big players started to loose it since there’s no more personal intention behind their posts. But back on the topic, because of the fact that independence is so important for me I also work as an art director in an ad agency beside the blog. So usually I get up, get ready, go to work, go to lunch with Joy (my photographer) to shoot my outfit afterwards, go back to work, go home, answer my email, edit photos, write posts, oh an in between I try to do as much sport as possible and learn a bit for studies 😉
Who would you say inspires you the most?
The person that probably inspire me the post is my mom because I feel like she’s the strong, brave and honest woman I want to be in my own life.
Tell us a beauty secret!
Oh gosh, I’m bad in all that beauty stuff and really don’t put a lot of time in how I look. But maybe that’s the secret! I don’t really wear make up in everyday life. I just do my brows and use mascara. That’s it and that’s fine. I don’t use and lotions or face creams at all. And I wash my face with ice cold water in the morning to get awake.
How would you describe your personal style?
I think my personal style is very various. One day I can be totally girl the other a total rock chic and the next day a hippie straight out the 60s. I love to have fun with clothing, wearing them in different ways that they’re meant to be worn. For example wearing a shirt or a dress the wrong way or wearing dresses over jeans. I like unusual combinations.


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