Oleg Kushnir: “I am a big fan of the beauty and expressiveness of the human body”

The exhibition report

Oleg Kushnir, a photographer from the capital of Ukraine, famous for his skillful achievements in the art-nude style, presents an exhibition of his artwork in cities of Europe. The first event in this season has been hosted in Zurich, Switzerland. The exhibition is titled “Chiaroscuro Laws” and it is a collection of two artistic photography series: “Geometryin Projection” and “The Fusion of Masculine and Feminine”. In them, the artist presents contrasting perspectives on the beauty of human bodies.

— Could you please tell us briefly about what “Chiaroscuro Laws” is about?
I am a big fan of the beauty and expressiveness of the human body. This exhibition includes two radically different but equally sensual views on nudity. And all this is transmitted through light and shadows. Hence the name of the exhibition itself.

— How do “Geometry in projections” and “Merge of male and female” differ from each other?
Besides the color itself, it is, of course, the context. “Geometry in Projections”, my earlier work, tells various stories through projections on female figures. “The Fusion of Masculine and Feminine” is more about the creative chemistry between two opposing spiritual energies. In the summer of 2021, the founder of the Okcreative project already exhibited the series of photographs “Geometry in projections” in Zurich. Prior to this, the series was presented and positively received in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, in the spring of the same year. At the moment, the art-nude style is just beginning to gain momentum in Ukraine, and Oleg expressed his deep pleasure in being a part of this movement.

— What is it that attracts you to the art-nude style?
It is not so much the style that attracts, but the message delivered through it. I consider my approach to photography as some sort of psychological technique directed to increase individuals’ self-esteem. I believe that artistic projections and soft shadows can really make people look inward at their own creativity and sensuality.

The exhibition in Zurich was held 29.01 – 30.01.2021 and kept in a private format in beautiful space at Caretta + Weidmann Baumanagement AG. In that way, guests were guaranteed a calm atmosphere to appreciate all the artwork and have a pleasant time with the incredible  DJ Vera Parish music set.


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