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Meet the celebrity make up artist: Vladyslav Rotaru

FashionMag42 speaks to celebrity makeup artist Vladyslav Rotaru how to make it in the industry and what it’s like working with the celebrity client.

FM42: Why did you decide to strike out on your own as a make-up artist?
I decided to embark on this path because it is an area where it allows me to express myself by valuing people and gives me satisfaction, I love my work and I would not see myself doing anything else.

Vladyslav Rotaru
Celebrity Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

FM42: What does make-up mean to you?
For me, make-up is an art that allows you to express and highlight every type of beauty, it doesn’t have to be a cover but it has to be something that can make you stand out, a glam touch to make all super beauty.

FM42: What was your experience working with a celebrity client like?
My experience with the famous was random, I embarked on this path where I found myself doing a talent and but hand in passing word I found myself working for talent, celebrities, influences and international brands, realising a bit of my desire of when I was a child, the world of the back stage, the world of entertainment and the beauty of the spotlight.

FM42: Your fav celeb client is …
One of my favourite artists is Irama, a singer and a spectacular artist, in addition to being a real artist with an incredible voice, he is a person with beautiful Vibes. I love people who know how to be loved in their interior and exterior simplicity and beauty.

I’m very inspired by the Glam genre, I love doing tricks where you go to stand out the person by creating the elongated eyes Foxy Eyes effect, juicy lips and a nice contouring that goes to create facelifts all over the face.


FM42: What is your advice on how to make it in the industry?
My advice is to understand your kind of make-up, then understand the categories that can be television makeup, glam makeup for celebrities, theatrical makeup and cinematic makeup with special effects, understood this, you have to pursue and invest on your path doing studies and experiences in the sector, and then achieve your goals. As I always say: wanting is power!

FM42: What are your hopes for the future?
In the future I would like to make myself known more and more to the general public, continuing to work with Italian and international celebrities and maybe open my own academy where I can teach other make-up lovers like me the secrets of the trade and maybe create a make-up line where I can finally combine all the fundamental products to create a super glam with fundamental Nuance and Texture that I often find.

Photo: Natasca Lindermann


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