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Exclusive interview with casting director Luci Lenox

Luci Lenox is an award-winning casting director based in Spain, highly respected  with over two decades of experience in the entertainment industry. She specializes in finding the right actors for each project and has a collaborative approach. Lenox’s impressive credits include work on Victoria, Hustler, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Warrior nun, The Head and many more. We have a unique opportunity to meet Luci Lenox in person at the JSFF in Belgrade.
The Actors Home meet & greet at JSFF
FM42: How did you get started as a casting director?
To cut a very long story short, I was changing careers in Barcelona and I got a job at a production company and I met the casting director Pep Armengol.  He needed someone who spoke English to help him on a job and that’s how I found out what a great job casting is.   I worked as his assistant and then he asked me to go into partnership with him as there were  a lot of English speaking productions being shot in Spain.

FM42: Did it take long to establish yourself?
I was very lucky as Pep Armengol was already very well established but as he treated me as his equal partner from almost the beginning, I became established as a casting director much quicker than would be normal. I was definitely in the right place at the right time.  It also helped that I had already had a lot of experience in different industries before starting in casting.

FM42: When you audition actors, what are some of the qualities you look for?
It always depends on the role and the production but stand out qualities for me are active listening and the ability to have an impact on other actors in the scene.

Peter Webber and Luci Lenox

FM42: What’s the best way for an actor to get on your radar?
There is no one way, I have met the brilliant actors who I’ve cast in so many ways.  I’ve gone to drama school showcases, met actors at festivals, through friends or because I’ve seen them in at the theatre or in a film or a short and of course, because their agents have submitted them. And of course many actors send me emails with their headshots and showreels.

FM42: You were hosting the open talk at an event to promote your platform The Actor’s Home at the Japanese Serbian Film Festival in Belgrade. Can you tell us something more about The Actors Home?
The Actors Home is a thriving international community that I founded to empower actors from all corners of the globe. It brings together talent from over 40 countries, creating a rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives. At the heart of our community are the values of support, collaboration, and growth. We’re not just about networking; we’re about building lasting relationships and fostering a sense of belonging among actors. We hold regular career boosting sessions and help actors to spread their wings internationally.

We take pride in hosting networking events at prestigious film festivals, including the Berlinale, Cannes, and the Mallorca Film Festival. I think that the great event that was hosted by  JSFF was a testament to the lively spirit and camaraderie that defines the Actors Home. In essence, The Actors Home is a sanctuary for actors seeking to grow, connect, and thrive in an industry that’s as challenging as it is rewarding.

FM42: What were your first impressions about the JSFF and the city?
JSFF is a great festival and I love how it is bringing two cultures together and celebrating the very best of each country. There was a very high level of films and also of jury members and other professional attendees. I made real connections while I was at the festival and everything was so well organized. The festival took really good care of us and it felt very productive.   I also really enjoyed exploring Belgrade.  Friendly people, excellent restaurants and lots of places to discover.  I will definitely be back.

Monika Romić – actress and international jury member, with casting director Luci_Lenox and actress and festival director Jovana Stević at The Actors Home event at the Japanese Film Festival

FM42: What is your favorite project so far?
It is difficult to decide.  I am proud of all the projects that I have worked on and each have had their own joys and challenges.  I always think that my favorite project is my next one!

FM42: Any parting words of wisdom to aspiring actors out there?
Focus on who you would like to work with in the future and which stories you would like to be part of telling and then reverse engineer back by asking yourself what would it take for that to happen.  Dream big and work hard.

Ph credits: Luci Lenox private archive,, Ata Images


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