Exclusive: Meet the Алёна Прямикова fashion stylist

FM42: How did you get your start in styling?
I started working as a stylist by chance after I had experienced my own fashion blog. Four years ago my kind friend worked as a photographer and offered a job on an editorial. Despite that being my first time being on set, the final photos were published in a magazine. They were incredible. After that I decided this is my dream job and I want to work a lot further. Now I know that fashion is what I have been looking for a long time. One thing led to another, and I am enjoying not only the results, but also the process of working. 

FM42: What projects or styling jobs are you currently working on?
I have broken new ground for the last few years. Now I am working with international magazines, like Harper’s Bazaar Serbia, L’Officiel India and L’Officiel Baltics, also with publishing houses based in Moscow. I am sure I was able to achieve success because I have become a part of a big family consisting of talented and awesome guys. My bachelor’s degree in Arts and well-passed courses on History of Fashion also helped me greatly in the way.

FM42: What’s the most fun part of your job?
Actually each new project is an incredible experience. My unique skill is to learn from the mistakes and improve myself step by step. Fun fact: sometimes an outfit looks too excellent or does not fit on a model. Those moments also happen. Honestly all projects are important for me and I always worry about the results, so it is not even funny.

FM42: Describe your style in 3 words.
My style is unique, full of colors and chic. And I also want to mention Paris – this city is always in my heart and I am looking forward to working with Vogue Paris!

FM42: First fashion memory?
That is my first Vogue magazine. It was driven by reading and all my school workbooks were decorated with the clippings from that magazine. I remember my friends also ask me to help them to do the same.

FM42: What would you never wear?
I would never wear a velvet tracksuit.But I can spend all the money to fit the legendary Yves Saint Laurent suit from the 1998 collection presented during the World Cup.

FM42: Tell us about the most rewarding styling experience you’ve had so far.
The most rewarding experience is when my clients or heroes of stories are satisfied with my job. I always prove that they are really beautiful and look exciting. The main part of working as a stylist is to present a sensation of happiness and lightness.


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