Presentation of the Haute Couture Evening Bag “Flying Scarab” by Yuliya Savytska

Mass production has been under criticism for a long time and now regarding the current circumstances even more. The artist and Haute Couture designer Yuliya Savytska makes her artworks personally by hand creating unique single pieces, thereby actively supporting the movement of sustainable fashion. Thus Artist and Haute Coute designer Yuliya Savytska is pleased to introduce her next Haute Couture evening bag “Flying Scarab”, which has already had its debut during Paris Fashion Week and was featured in the press. The evening bag was made entirely by hand personaly by the artist Yuliya Savytska and took around one month to manufacture. Not a single machine stitch! Everything is made by hand using numerous different techniques, starting with the mounting of the embroidery frame with the velvet fabric, transferring of the drawing to the fabric, dimensional hand embroidery with Swarovski crystals, French and Italian sequins, sead beads and other precious materials, all the way to tailoring and sewing elements together. Every element has been carefully considered, so there is even a credit card pocket in the small, spacious evening bag with the jacqaurd lining. A real artwork!