FM42 talks with top model Sabina Jakubowicz

Sabina Jabukowicz is currently on top in fashion industry, Vladana Veljkovic chats with the fashion star on the occasion of her first FashionMag42 interview.

FM42: How did you get your start?
I have been discovered by a polish photographer who saw potential in me as a new face and sent material of my first photo shoot to the polish agency where I met my lovely booker and friend Bonia Puslecka. We have been together from my beginnings until today.
I think the key part of a modeling career is the right agent who will know how to create a new face and then guide her through years of changes and new trends in the fashion industry.
It’s a very dynamic area, every year brings new fashion icons, new trends, so you need to react quick for the changes.

FM42:You’re part of the generation of models for whom social media is a key part of the job. How you feel about that?
When I started work as a model Instagram wasn’t popular at all, it took me a few years to get into it and understand the importance of this marketing tool in the modeling business.
I started to post on Instagram definitely too late, it might be the second half of 2016. Instagram was already very popular and created many influences and Instagram stars.
At the begging of my Instagram journey I couldn’t get into the habit of filming everything I did during the day. It was difficult for me and I have to say, I used to hate it!
That’s why I didn’t post pictures every day and as a result didn’t grow on Instagram properly. But with a time I become to like it and started to really enjoy posting on Instagram. Today I can see it from a different perspective, it’s for me some kind of communication between me and my friends or people I know from the fashion industry. I do really enjoy to watch my other model-friends small and big successes they post and I really love to discover new fashion or beauty tips from my favorite influences. Today every client who hires you, or agency you work for are checking your Instagram profile. It’s very important to create your own individual style which people will remember and recognize you from. If you want to use Instagram professionally, you have to specify your target audience at the beginning and choose your profile. The great thing about Instagram is the fact that everyone has their own way and freedom of sharing what they want. Some profiles are more chaotic and spontaneous, some like mine are more structured, it’s interesting because you actually can see peoples character !

FM42:What are you thinking about when you’re modeling?
It depends on character of the shoot I am taking part in. If it’s a commercial shoot with lots of laughter and smiles, then it’s natural that laughing produces endocrines and easily puts me in a happy mood. If it’s more serious topic than i try too be more focused, but honestly I don’t really need to redirect my thoughts,I am usually surrounded by lovely people who are professionals and know that a good atmosphere during the shoot will help create beautiful pictures, so I am just concentrating about what happens around me.

FM42:Is the fashion world what you expected it to be?
I think yes, when I started working I was already an adult woman so I was very conscious about the world I entered into. I knew girls who had modeled before and also my agent was always very direct and honest about the industry. I really like people with this kind of attitude, it doesn’t create unnecessary illusions which can disappoint you.

FM42: What has been your favorite job so far?
I find this question so difficult to answer because there were so many great jobs I have done through years of working. I really enjoy shoots for resorts in warm, tropical places because it’s great opportunity to combine work with pleasure. I love to travel and explore the world so that’s why I am always very excited when my jobs give me the possibility  to travel to new destinations. But if I have to point to some projects, I would say that one of my favorite jobs so far was the shoot in Malta with my dear friend Stefan Dani. It was a fashion story for Cosmopolitan magazine. We worked many times together but this trip was very special for me, because we have done some great work and I had also had a very precious time and wonderful memories with great people.
Another job is my first fashion editorial for L’officiel magazine in Paris with my lovely friends Remi&Kasia. Before this production I had been working only as a commercial model, so it was a big step for me showing me that I am suitable also for magazines and high-fashion shoots.
I also love my new cover story for Harper’s Bazaar which shows me from a completely different perspective. It’s amazing that modelling lets me play various roles. It’s a beautiful memory for future.

FM42: Any beauty / skin care tips or tricks to look fresh and rested for early morning photo shoots.
I do believe that how we look and feel is not a result of a single action like quick-fix diet, super cream, serum or special treatment etc. It’s a result of our everyday routine and habits. The key to success is to maintain everyday healthy lifestyle. However, there are some tips which can help me to look fresh and healthy.
First, the most important and also well known is a good nights sleep. It’s not possible to look beautiful when you are tired. However you are able to improve yourself a little before some shoots or parties. The day before production I have a 30 min session in an infrared blanket plus lymphatic drainage massage to avoid being bloated on the set. I also doing whole body and face peeling made from coconut oil and fresh coffee. It gives me the effect of smooth and fresh skin. I also drink lots of green tea and have a lighter diet than normal. I also have a yoga session to calm my mind and open my body.

FM42: What else does the future hold for you?
I believe in the force of attraction, if we send good energy to the universe and people we will receive it back. Last year was really great for me, I achieved most goals I planned to realize. But i truly believe that my best is yet to come. I am planning to stay in the fashion industry and continue working as a model. Of course over the years I will need to change my profile for a more mature model.
This year was more difficult for me, actually for all of us because of the world tragedy which we all experienced. But I always try to see positive aspects of every situation in my life. Corona virus somehow taught us that we need to appreciate what we have, but from the other side shows us also that we can’t wait and we need to realize our plans and make our dreams come true because the future is not certain anymore.


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