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Meet the extraordinary and inspiring beauty blogger – Katrin Roth

During five years Swiss born journalist Katrin Roth blogged for about beauty, before she launched her very own blog at beginning of 2017, where she is writing about all the things in life which make a girl smile and therefore beautiful. While she really loves her family, chocolate (a lot!), running in the morning, singing under the shower (very badly…), travelling, discovering new beauty trends, sleeping in, watching old episodes of friends (and new ones of House of Cards) binge-reading and tiny bracelets, the former law student is not the most talented cook and sometimes a bit too spontaneous as she says (sometimes it would be better to oversleep a new haircut, right?) and a firm believer, that one day there will all the beauty goodies available she’s always dreaming of like calorie-free chocolate or a leg-lengthening-bodylotion.

FM42: What does your typical day look like?
KR: There is no such thing as a typical day in my job, as it all depends on my workload. Sometimes I spend the whole day at the office just by answering e-mails and making phone calls or other not-so-glamurous stuff and then there are days when I get to go to fantastic press events or even press trips. In any case, and this is one of the reasons I love this so much, it never gets boring.

FM42: Do you have a female role model in the beauty industry?
KR: Far more than one, because in this business you find a lot of great women. Some of them I got to meet in person like Bobbi Brown and then of course we have pioneers like Estée Lauder or Elisabeth Arden who are in so many ways a source of inspiration for me. They all have their specials skills, but all of them are showing me that you everything is possible as long as you’re working hard and you’re truly passionate about what you do.

FM42: Which was the best advice you’ve ever been given regarding your blog?
KR: Always stay yourself. Which makes sense, because authenticity and honesty is key when your blogging.

FM42: The best products must have for you is to achieve “fresh look” is?

KR: After having spoken with so many beauty experts, I know that it all starts with good skin and therefore a skincare routine which is right for you. In my case this means that I always double cleanse, use a serum, a moisturizer and sunscreen during the day. Also, I do a lot of face masks for this special pampering effect and – boring, but true – I try to drink a lot of water and to get enough of sleep which is easier said that done. For the perfect glow I use some highlighters and I never leave the house without a red – okay, actually there are at least five of them… – lipstick in my bag.

FM24: Which is your favourite place?

KR: As long as I’m with my family it can be everywhere. Together with my husband and my daughter we use to do these amazing road trips through the USA and we always discover new places. At the other hand it’s always great to go back home to Switzerland where our cats are waiting for us and where I have a lot of friends. Our flat is one of many happy places in my life.

FM42: What’s your definition of Beauty?

KR: It’s extremely cheesy but also just so true: Beauty comes from the inside and has nothing to do with perfection. In my job I get to see a lot of so called beauties, but what really strikes me is a person with a good confidence. My grandmother, who passed away some years ago, was one of the most beautiful women for me, because she felt good about herself. This made her to a very strong and also incredibly kind person. She was and still is a great example for my way of defining beauty which you also find in the claim of my blog. Because I really think that happy girls are the prettiest!

Photographer: Andrea Monica Hug


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