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The story of MAYA MILANO jewellery

Woman that carry MAYA MILANO belongs to herself, she is not blindly following trends, she is mature in her way of thinking, no infantile status-symbol live-to-impress-the rest, but for her style is an extension of her own self.


FM42: When and how your design journey MAYA MILANO began?
Since I was a child, aesthetics was prerogative in my family. Parallel, funny enough, but I can still remember clearly how strongly my first 10 years were influenced by ornate Hungarian Art Nouveau full of colorful Zsolnay ceramics on the facades of my birth town. I graduated from a Swiss Business School in Lausanne where I was always drawn by case studies related to Fashion Industry. After my Lausanne education I earned a Master’s degree from another prestigious University, Milanese Bocconi, where I specialized in Fashion and Design Industry Management. After that I decided to stay in Milan, which perfectly fitted my intrinsic motivations, to be part of civilization of aesthetics. I followed goldsmith courses in exceptional Milanese goldsmith school, where I started creating with my own hands. At the same time I am always in search of novelties by travelling, this year I was lucky to visit many jewellery fairs, Paris, Madrid, Arezzo, Vicenza, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Istanbul and Basel. Apart from fairs I would always grab time for some flea/market where I find old, mostly art-deco pieces. But, my main current inspiration is definitely Milano. Each and every inch of Milan is a source of inspiration, from its architecture, to its always surprisingly impeccable gates, entrance corridors, its hidden gardens, the way your plate is served, the inspirational style of Milanese women and men on their Rossignolli bikes.

FM42: How would you describe your designs?
Feminine, sensual, colorful, freedom inspiring, story-telling, jewellery with emotions. Every day I carry one of my pieces, and they so playfully describe the way I feel that day.

FM42: Do you have a muse or are you inspired to design pieces for a certain type of woman if / who is she?
I am inspired by nature, by arts, by architecture, emotions. I am following a Sotheby’s course in Arts History, which is adding value to my design, arts is my treasure of inspiration. A bit cliché-like, but I do get inspired by Suzanne Belperron and Reymond Templier, though their designs are definitely for some other past times or some other type of women. And then there is Lauren Adriana, my absolute preference. My two trips to India, made me open a new chapter in the perception of beauty, from Delhi and Rajahstan to Kerala, you see an absolute contradiction, which somehow brings capacity to match unmatchable and recognize the influence of colors on our mind, in my case through precious stones.

Woman that carry MAYA MILANO belongs to herself, she is not blindly following trends, she is mature in her way of thinking, no infantile status-symbol live-to-impress-the rest, but for her style is an extension of her own self.

FM42: What are you working on now?
I am working on my THEODORA bracelet, which is the first item I created with my own hands and out of my own idea. I am always wearing it; I want to add earrings to it, and a necklace. It’s an absolute match with everything. The stones describe who you are, what you are “composed of”. It’s all about emotions.

FM42: Do you have any favorite stones, materials that you’re working at the moment?
I am in love with precious stones. Did you know that rose quartz – the stone of love, should not be worn as a single piece, you should always have a matching set, two of them, one to give and one to receive love. I am forever melted by moonstone beauty. I love the significance of precious stones, my intention is to work more on that side, highlight more the significance of the stones I use. Moonstone is so feminine, it actually enhances feminine energy, intuition, and it is a stone of protection, especially during pregnancy and childbirth.

Then there is malachite, which fits my Sagittarian side, “the stone of transformation”, and an extremely powerful stone, which you can see from its intense green tones, it is used for deep energy cleaning and brings positive transformation.

All these meanings are related to our emotions, which are ruling, or hopefully not, our worlds. Understanding emotions was always my favorite cup of tea, I actually reached 3rd year of Psychology as my first academic passion, but circumstances led me to switch towards management studies, and now my goal is to match the two. There is so much about emotions when it comes to wearing jewellery, especially if you are to choose precious stones, it tells so much about you, and enhances what you feel.

FM42: Where we can find MAYA MILANO jewellery?
MAYA MILANO jewellery is currently sold at 4 sales points, 2 of which in Milano, in exclusive Zepter Lifestyle shop next to Duomo (Via San Pietro all’Orto 10), then in a beautiful Brera street Via Cernaia 12 in a cozy showroom INTERNO 12. In Belgrade in a central Knez Mihailova street in Zepter Shop Knez Mihailova 1 and LIP boutique Knez Mihailova 39. You can also visit our instagram and fb page /mayamilanojewellery for all future updates where we sell.

Photographs by  Andrej Hicil


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