10 Outstanding Designers Light Up Paris on October 1, 2022 hosted by Paris Posh Fashion Week


Extraordinary creations of 10 designers from Ready to Wear, Swimwear, Accessories to Bridal and Couture, with local and international designers from all over the world, came fully prepared to introduce each of their prevailing modes of dress for the 2023 Summer-Spring Season at La Maison Champs Elysées Hotel Paris.

The event invites creative professionals, talented designers to create trends, innovation and excellence. Paris Posh Fashion Week celebrated and embraced thiscreative freedom, value the exceptional craftsmanship of these 10 extraordinary designers who create new techniques, know-how, lean on perpetual innovation and pursued the standard of excellence.

OLGA KARAVERVERI (GREECE) Her newest collection SS23 “La triade” Inspired by the three circles, which depict life, movement, and the dynamism of tension, dominated by black, white, gold with intense movement that exudes dynamism. This sublime and luxurious collection of Olga Karaververi made of organic silk and elaborate lace and shiny fabrics. From the first dress to the end, Olga assures us that she is a classy master designer.

Photo credit : Jan – Levent Studio Gabriel Guihard

HELENA KOLAN BRIDAL COUTURE (ISRAEL), As the Couture & Bridal show finale, Israeli wedding designer Helena Kolan presented her magnifique newest collection BLOOM. The label offers signature pieces with classy distinct silhouettes, and a wide astonishing range of lavish and flattering romantic profiles. A unifying element among each collection triggers exquisite style, as each dress finds and tells a unique love story.

Photo credit : Jan – Levent Studio Gabriel Guihard

SADEONE COUTURE BY NACIYE KOÇAK (FRANCE), A luxury couture, mixing geometric lines, clean cuts and enchanting fabrics, followed by a glorious gown comprised of silks, organzas, or brilliant satin’s. Designer Naciye Koçak has prepared some incredible runway pieces especially for Paris to impress everyone and closed the show with her masterpiece white gown.

Photo credit : Jan – Levent Studio Gabriel Guihard

KESS DESIGNS BY GLORIA KEDOUA (USA), New York designer Gloria Koduapresented her newest collection‘Met Gala’is a masterpiece gown collection, a symbol of glamor, the dresses are perfectly fitted with silhouette highlighting feminism, the piece is graceful and filled with sequins, that are sumptuous and refined. The ‘Met Gala’ collection aims to bring out the star in anyone who wears them.

Photo credit : Jan – Levent Studio Gabriel Guihard

RAM LEYOKADIA (UK) The rising star designer from UK introduced her brand for the first time in Paris. Her debut collection ‘Imara’ means strength. Strong lines, oversized fits and regal fabrics reinvigorate the senses and reinforce strength and value back into femininity. Her successful debut show in Paris will be a stepping stone to his brilliant career.

Photo credit : Jan – Levent Studio Gabriel Guihard

CROSS FOR GOD (Taiwan) Designer Catherine KAO creates a magnificent iconic art nouveau fashion collection that refers to women in the bible. Her newest collection theme ‘Women of confidence from the Kingdom of Heaven’ with rare fabric art and a spectacular bible element that amazed everyone, but she also highlights great skill and hand-woven techniques with top-notch quality material and fabric.

Photo credit : Jan – Levent Studio Gabriel Guihard

EIGHT SWIMWEAR BY LISA SANCHEZ (USA), Swimwear Designer Lisa Sanchez presented her new collection, with each piece is designed to blend seamlessly with the body. Using rich hues, sewn with seamless stitching, edgy details and selected fabrics to produce the versatility which is required to master any occasion. Impressive collection made her show outstanding.

Photo credit : Jan – Levent Studio Gabriel Guihard

BELLE D’AMOUR (USA), French inspired avant garde women swear by designer Nicole Travert presented her newest collection with exquisite details, high quality fabrics that creates sexy silhouettes and curves showcasing designs that will attract every savvy woman. Designer Nicole Travert has an innovative eye which brings comfort and elegance to empower women.

Photo credit : Jan – Levent Studio Gabriel Guihard

ERIN FADER JEWELRY (USA), The stunning jewellery pieces from US Designer Erin Fader closed the first part of the show. Erin Fader presented her newest collection‘Disco Decade Collection’. Inspired by her favorite eras of fashion the 70s and the 20s. The Collection includes a variety of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and pendants. The color patterns consist of black, emerald, and gold. The materials that are used include genuine Malachite, Obsidian and Onyx gemstones, Herkimer Diamonds, and high-quality gold overlay metals.

Photo credit : Jan – Levent Studio Gabriel Guihard

BY VEL & ELSA FAIRY DRESSES (UKRAINE) presented a Ready-to-wear collection for kids. Present in many fashion weeks, this brand has turned into the rising star brand for kids.

Photo credit : Jan – Levent Studio Gabriel Guihard



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