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Mourjjan  FW24/25 ‘Ethereal’ Show charms with Timeless Elegance, Social Advocacy, and Enchanting Live Music

Mourjjan  FW24/25 ‘Ethereal’ Show charms with Timeless Elegance, Social Advocacy, and Enchanting Live Music On February 12th, at the prestigious Kongresshaus Zurich, Mourjjan captivated the audience with its FW24/25 collection “Ethereal” by Roland G. Rahal. A spectacle of sophistication and style, the runway showcased an array of couture garments, all enveloped in a mesmerising black palette. Beyond the realm of fashion, the show also served as a platform for social change, rallying behind the “Tags Against Crime” campaign to raise awareness. Under the visionary direction and production of Yannick Aellen, the ethereal collection took on an even more enchanting dimension, with the live music by “Egopusher” providing captivating soundtracks that heightened the sensory experience for all attendees.
Mourjjan TAC Official Postray
Mourjjan’s FW24/25, themed “Ethereal” showed a journey into the realms of couture exploring the intangible beauty that surrounds us. Each crafted piece tells a story of ethereal elegance, drawing from a palette dominated by rich blacks and luxurious fabrics such as lace, tulle, and silk. Roland G. Rahal, the creative mind behind Mourjjan, is the second internationally renowned designer to put his collection at the service of “Tags Against Crime”. Roland helped to draw even more attention to the important causes of the awareness campaign, making a strong statement of solidarity with people affected by sexualised violence.
Mourjjan 2024 Fashion Show Zürich Fotograf Alexander Palacios
Mourjjan’s commitment to storytelling through fashion extended beyond aesthetics. The “Ethereal” Collection served as a powerful narrative. As a socially responsible brand, Mourjjan proudly supports the humanitarian campaign “Tags Against Crime,” aiming to strengthen awareness through the influential medium of fashion. Roland Rahal: “In the realm of fashion, I wield not just threads but the power to provoke change and making my creative work a powerful statement for change. With Mourjjan, a proud recipient of the 2023 Miele x Mode Suisse Positive Impact Award, I don’t just design garments, I always aim to craft a narrative of solidarity and support to social issues. My commitment through the FW24/25 Collection is to draw more attention to the vital causes of the ‘Tags Against Crime’ awareness campaign, using fashion as a force for good. I believe together we can make a powerful statement of support for those affected by sexualized violence, because every thread can weave a story of strength and resilience”
Mourjjan 2024 Fashion Show Zürich Fotograf Alexander Palacios
The Mourjjan fashion show was produced and directed by the visionary director Yannick Aellen, whose meticulous attention to detail ensured that every moment radiated with elegance and refinement. The show was in close collaboration with Mode Suisse and its dedicated team. To infuse an extra layer of artistry into the show and campaign, the ethereal melodies of the Swiss band Egopusher provided a live soundtrack, guiding the models down the catwalk. Mourjjan fashion show was supported by partners MAC Cosmetics, Paul Mitchell, Jo Malone, Kongresshaus Zurich, Mandarin Oriental Savoy, Zurich and DS Automobiles.
Mourjjan 2024 Fashion Show Zürich Fotograf Alexander Palacios
The importance of the “Tags Against Crime” cause has remained high since the campaign was launched at New York Fashion Week 2023. Not least thanks to a steadily increasing number of designers in the fashion industry who support the campaign. After Yannik Zamboni from maison blanche, Roland Rahal from Mourjjan is already the second renowned exponent of the international fashion scene to provide a platform for “Tags Against Crime” at his inspiring fashion show. Other creatives from the fashion world have also signaled their interest in collaborating with the campaign. They will be announced in the coming weeks.
Mourjjan 2024 Fashion Show Zürich Fotograf Alexander Palacios
The two initiators of the campaign are delighted about the prominent platform for “Tags against Crime”. Jacqueline Rufener: “We would never have thought it possible that our campaign would receive such active support. We are extremely grateful for the visibility that Tags Against Crime is now receiving – and continues to generate – thanks to Mourjjan’s fantastic collection.” Dominique Magnusson, adds: “The broad visibility has a direct benefit when those affected by sexualised violence receive support. But not only that. They also experience a strong sign of solidarity when the social discourse consistently names and condemns the perpetrators of violence.
Mourjjan 2024 Fashion Show Zürich Fotograf Alexander Palacios
“Tags Against Crime” is an awareness campaign that supports people affected by sexualised violence and provides them with important information about laundry labels on clothing. The campaign is supported by the organisation Women’s Shelters Switzerland and Liechtenstein (DAO) and the Foundation against Violence against Women and Children – and a growing number of renowned designers from the national and international fashion scene. As the lights dimmed on the Kongresshaus Zurich runway, the legacy of “Ethereal” continues to shine brightly, inspiring both the industry and society at large. Ph: Alexander Palacios  


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