Join us on YouTube at We Are One: A Global Film Festival!

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For The world’s biggest film festivals unite for a 10-day streaming event on YouTube, from May 29 – June 7 at

Together with over 20 other major film festivals, Sarajevo Film Festival is co-curating We Are One: A Global Film Festival.

The festival gathers some of the world’s most talented artists, storytellers and curators from 35 countries around a central effort to provide entertainment and offer relief in the form of supporting organizations responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The films are available for free, but audiences will be able to donate to COVID-19 relief efforts through a donate button or link on every film page via YouTube. Sarajevo Film Festival has chosen to support the Doctors Without Borders / Medicins Sans Frontieres.

Sarajevo Film Festival on We Are One:

Postcards from Sarajevo Film Festival Friends

May 31, 3:00 PM // World Premiere

(Bosnia and Herzegovina, 14 min, 2020)

Bridges of Sarajevo

May 31, 3:30 PM // Online Premiere

(France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Germany, 114 min, 2014)

SEE Factory Sarajevo mon amour

June 5, 3:00 PM // Special Presentation Premiere

(Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, France, 60 min, 2019)

Route – 3

June 6, 5:15 PM // Online Premiere

(Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, 13 min, 2019)

For more info please click here.

The full festival schedule is available at


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