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Jillian Dempsey beauty expert for FM42

Jillian Dempsey is best known professional makeup artist, especially for beautifying Hollywood  celebrities for their most important red carpet appearances.

FM42: Jillian, tell me about how you got your start in the beauty industry.
I was always changing looks on myself and others. I’d tweeze brows into shape and take risks on people who were willing to let me experiment on them with colors and styles on the face and hair. I fell into make up naturally since I love using my hands and have a passion for color. I have always wanted to bring organic make up into play. It just makes sense and I love easy to use no nonsense make up. I wanted to make some a bit different in the market and then it just took off.

FM42: What made you want to start your own product line?
I’m always creating new inspirational pieces in my life, whether that is a color or product, new formula idea or building a mold for a beauty product. Organic beauty is difficult because you must consider there is a shelf-life, which is why most of the big brands don’t opt for the decision. I like a healthy lifestyle personally and want my make up brand to represent like-minded people who understand convenience and the beauty of non-toxic ingredients as well as no animal testing. Big one for me.

FM42: What is your brand philosophy?
Wear make up for the joy of it and never be afraid to try new techniques.

FM42: Tell us more about The Gold Bar device.
My favorite product! I couldn’t do my job or personal routine without it. The more you vibrate, the better the results. I decided to do a beauty tool because I found it to be highly effective. I love Japan and I’m a big fan of Japanese beauty, so it is an honor to be representing something that is a Japanese tool. It helps to sculpt, contour and de-puff the face.

FM42: How would you describe your signature look?
I’d say skin. To me, that’s half the battle to create a natural and supple canvas to work on. I like to make skin feel and look supple. I use a moisturizer with my signature Japanese gold bar to sculpt the face and this is my secret to achieving a very smooth and healthy finish to work on. I also love Chantecaille eye pads for prep with a dot of lip balm on lips.

FM42: Which element of your job do you most enjoy?
So much of what we see lives online and is quite fast paced. People are starving for information of how to learn techniques that could be applicable to their lifestyle. I think it’s fascinating that beauty can be all things and you can map out what works for you. I also love there are new beauty tools, like my Japanese gold bar that can be used as a prep-step before make up too de-puff and help create jawlines and cheekbones. It’s like ironing the face and is amazing with how it temporarily can benefit the face.

FM42: What inspires you today?
Say “yes” to everything because one job leads to the next and experience is everything.

Some of Jilliane iconic makeup looks for red carpet appearance.

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Anne Hathaway
Jennifer Aniston
Kate Winslet


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