Interview with Milan based photographer – Alexandre Zago

FM42: When did you realize that photography was a path you wanted to follow?
Photography has always been something I’ve been familiar with. Yet, more recently I experienced a pivotal moment while having a conversation with a stranger at a small local market, who ended up giving me what is now my current camera. From that point on I decided to pursue photography more regularly, to develop my experiences and memories.

FM42: What does photography mean to you?
Photography has really helped me attune my observational skills and attention to detail, while also grounding me to stay significantly more present in a given moment.

FM42: What was the most curious story behind your photograph?

There isn’t a specific story that comes to mind, however, I feel that my series “Hey can I take your portrait?” as a whole is composed of curious encounters, as the photographs are composed of a mix of strangers that I meet at the club or house parties.  We engage in a 5/10 minute conversation – some I stay in touch with afterwards, while others I don’t even get a name so it’s always a very spontaneous and varied experience.

FM42: Who are some photographers that inspire you?

Saul Leitner, Harold Feinstein, Agathe Bruyninckx.

FM42: How did you find out about Open Call First Date and what do you think about themed open calls?

Through my girlfriend actually, she’s very supportive and encourages me in my craft, I think she found it on Instagram and took the time to send it over to me, which I really appreciate. Given I had already been shooting a series titled “Honeymoon on the dancefloor” I felt as though my work was already on theme. So I submitted and here we are: a physical exhibition in Zurich and an interview with you guys.



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