Highlight Interview in 2015. with fashion designer Fernando Bernardou

What sparked your interest in fashion?
Beauty! I’ve always liked beautiful things and I‘ve liked drawing from my early childhood. As I grew older, drawing and beauty sort of ‚mixed‘ to become fashion design. Fashion is a synonym for beauty to me.

How would you describe your brand?
My great desire is that it would be exquisite, exclusive, feminine and elegant! I also hope very much that every woman wearing a NARDOU COUTURE dress would feel that for her a dream has come true…

How do you produce and distribute your designs?
We get into contact with our clients via our homepage ( www.nardoucouture.com ) and then start working for her by producing tailored clothing exclusively made to her measures.
As we are still a small label we are trying to promote our brand as good as we can by advertising in different media. The garment is being produced in Spain and we try to distribute it all over Germany and Switzerland.

Tell us about your collection…
The first collection concentrated on the colours black and white. We also tried to make something special from ordinary material and thus change it into Haute Couture. We worked a lot with fringes and sequins. The new collection (spring 2015) is more like an explosion of primary colours, i. e. red, green, yellow, and others, using ‘ordinary’ fabric as well as valuable ones like silk. We also use some Gaze ( ?) as well as lace.

Where do you go for inspiration?
Looking at women who are talented in ‘making the best’ of themselves by the way they are dressed etc. really inspires me! Everyone can look just great – even a woman who thinks of herself to be an ‚ordinary‘ woman. Helping the ladies look fantastic is a huge motivation as well as inspiration for me.

How would you describe your personal fashion style?
I try to dress in a way that makes me feel ‘safe’ and content with myself – trying to get the best out of the way I look. Usually I wear clothes of different brands and mainly good quality ‘stuff’. Especially with my shoes I do ensure that they are of really good quality. Foe more news fallow official Facebook page Nardou Couture.


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