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Fashionmag42 interview: Yulia Graut

I play Inez, and she is rather direct and honest unlike the other two. She doesn’t try to throw dust into one’s eyes and admits her sins.

MAG42: When did you decide to start acting?
I was a “theater kid”, my father participated in a university acting studio. So, I got this crucial dose of art at a very young age.
But for a long time I thought that “every girl wants to become an actress” and didn’t allow myself to dream about it.

I understood that it was my own dream after a poetry TV show I took part in. At that time I already had my bachelor and master’s degrees in other fields. Looking back, I realized that all these years, the process of performing and composing something has always been with me and that’s what made me happy. From that time I was grasping for every acting course and working opportunity I could reach.
My new path started and I’m on it still.

Photo: Albert Safiullin

MAG42: Tell me more about your role in “No Exit” project?
I play Inez, and she is rather direct and honest unlike the other two. She doesn’t try to throw dust into one’s eyes and admits her sins.
However, this is also a defensive reaction. We don’t know much about her past, but we can understand that her childhood and youth were unfortunate, and she had to grow fangs and spikes. Her way of survival is hypertrophied control developed to the level of abuse. She shows cruelty, not caring about the feelings of others, because she forbade herself to experience emotions. She despises vulnerability, because thinks of it as a deadly weakness.
But deep inside she needs this warm helping hand. Somebody’s embrace where it’s safe to open your heart.

Photo: Yar Bulavin

MAG2: How do you prepare for the role of a character?
As for Inez, I understand her quite well, I’m also a controller (not so insane, of course).
We’re still in the process of exploring the way she moves but my boxing experience helped here, we have one scene with a “fighting” interaction.

Photo: Daniil Pribylov

MAG42: How is working with Victoria?
It’s intense. It’s physically and mentally challenging because we have 7, 9, 11 hours of rehearsals a day. But I’m thankful for this experience. This is the first time I’m having such a horny material, and it is important to have good reliable partners when you work with intimate scenes. And Victoria and the team have chosen a great cast.

Photo: Daniil Pribylov

MAG42: Any plans for the future?
The horizon of planning is not very far now. I teach acting and speech techniques for adult non-actors. I have my regular voiceover gigs, I wish to record a couple of songs this year. And I’m open to any theatre and cinema opportunities that come to me.

Cover photo: Albert Safiullin


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