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Fashionmag42 interview: Maria Forslin

Amazing actress Maria Forslin, one of the members of The Actors Home platform, shares with us her experience from filming and future plans.

FM42: Maria, what does it take to be an actor?
Passion for the craft, a strong will and mindset, and the ability to keep going despite all the ‘no’s.

Photo: Caroline Lindsten BTS

FM42: Can you separate your life from your work?
Yes, I can, even though it can be hard at times. Especially when I’m writing, I can drift off while sitting with people and get ideas for a character that just pop into my head. So, I’m training myself to be more present in the moment when it comes to all aspects of my life.

Photo: Annika Whittembury (Cannes film festival 2024)

FM42: How long does it take for you to get out of a character like that after the film?
It depends on the project and how many days I have for the character. When I played the leading role in Break of Day and we shot for several weeks with just a few days off in between, it took me at least a week to get back to being myself. But I like what the characters bring me; just as I add something of myself to every character, every character I play can teach me something.

Photo: Mike Booth BTS (Hawk)

FM42: Did working as a producer give you insight into what you need as an
It’s always good to be on both sides because you can learn from it. Being a producer and a director has given me a lot of knowledge about the industry and how different projects work. I have gained an understanding of timetables and why scenes sometimes get cut. That time is money to put it simple. On the other hand, as a producer and director, I understand that certain scenes may require more time and preparation, especially emotional ones.

Photo: Paul Evans

FM42: What would you say was the turning point in your career?
Working on Jägarna (The Hunters) taught me a lot, especially working with director Jens Jonsson and my fellow actors, who were all great. There, I learned to fight for my character, even though not everything went my way, and that’s something I bring with me to every shoot now.

Photo: Ingela Ögård

FM42: What kind of films are you passionate about?
I actually like all kinds of films. Pan’s Labyrinth and The Intouchables are a few of my favorites, but I enjoy all genres. I’m trying to create more sci-fi and horror projects in Sweden, and I would like to see more genre projects from the Nordic countries (not just drama, comedy, or crime, even though I like those too).

Photo: Olle Rönnberg

FM42: Why is it good to be part of the Actors Home Platform?
The Actors Home is quite big now but still feels intimate, which I really like! Everyone is seen. There’s a lot of great content for me as an actor to help me develop my craft further. Also, it is a nice, supportive community!

Photo: Frida Andersson Haase BTS (The Hunters)

FM42: Any plans for the future projects and with whom you would like to work
in the film industry?
This summer, I’m shooting a short trailer/concept film for one of my TV series. We’re going to use it to attract financiers and distributors so we can shoot the entire series. We have great names attached to the cast, and I would love to get Jens Jonsson to direct it. I’m also in talks with a few producers about my horror feature (based on my grandmother’s ghost story), so hopefully, that will go into production next year.

Cover photo: Andres Rignell


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