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The BONATO MILANO 1960 Italian brand at the opening gala of 24 hours of elegance in Belgrade

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Giuseppe Sorgentone and Alessandro Maglio

In 2011, Giuseppe Sorgentone and Alessandro Maglio set up an office in Monaco and established the Company Almablanca sarl. Monaco is the link between Italy and France, two great jewellery nations. It’s a luxury setting, famous worldwide.

The BONATO MILANO 1960 Italian brand was created in 1960. For four years now, their evolution has increasingly matched our thinking. So Almablanca decided to buy them out to spread their products worldwide, and to select a hundred or so dealers likely to create value for this chic, contemporary jewellery.

Commitment to charity is essential for us. Working with associations, sponsoring events and supplying jewellery for raffles is a way to make everyone benefit from the positive impacts of this luxury world in some way. We’ve sponsored the Ladies Lunch in Monaco, the Charity Dinner in Milan, we took part in the Try to Help evening in Cannes this summer and our very recently partnership with Star Team for the Fondation of the Prince Albert II is in the same spirit of sharing and solidarity.

Extra-ordinariness, a word that  characterized our vision so well that we made it our motto, because we are interested in all things new, original and surprising/astonishing.  Continually responding to the client’s requests, in a way that is always more personalized to satisfy their diverse tastes: classic, fashionable, eclectic or extravagant.

With over 50 years of history, the BONATO MILANO 1960 brand has become a laboratory of ideas, where old design concepts are challenged, where style is experimented with, and where workmanship is perfected.  BONATO MILANO 1960 showcase at the opening gala of 24 Hours of Elegance   at the Royal Palace in Belgrade, on September 9.  More information:



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