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Re-connect with your joy of life!

Interview with Dr. Katarina Melzer, Director of Equiliberty Consulting, LLC

M42: What does Equiliberty Consulting stand for?  At Equiliberty, we help people and institutions to reach their full potential! As our name “Equiliberty” suggests, we believe that health, happiness and success can only result from a life lived in balance and liberty! When your life is out of balance, whether in terms of diet, physical activity or simply having fun, you will eventually get frustrated and slide into addictions and sickness. Similarly, if you cannot liberate yourself from the constant influence of stress, pressure, and rigid expectations, it is only a question of time until you crack. The good news is that a happy life in balance and liberty can be achieved by anyone who is ready to question their unhealthy behavioral patterns and re-connect with their inner joy of life. At Equiliberty we support people along this journey.

FM42: What services do you offer at Equiliberty?
At Equiliberty, we offer a broad range of services to individual, institutional and corporate clients, from scientific research, expert consulting, seminars and customized training. We tailor our services to the needs of each client with a view to help them create environments, attitudes and habits conducive to healthy lifestyles. The truth is that, today, 40% of deaths worldwide result from harmful behavioral patterns that could easily be prevented, such as sedentarism, obesity, and over-consumption of tobacco, alcohol and other substances.

Already personal routines of moderate physical activity significantly decrease the probability of at least 35 chronic diseases and other unhealthy conditions. Moreover, we know that workplace health education programs significantly reduce the incidence of sickness, reduced productivity and work place absence. In fact, for every dollar invested by employers in such programs, there is an average savings of more than three dollars. In business terms, that is a 3:1 return of investment and, therefore, really should be a no-brainer for any manager.

Although eating is one of the most basic functions of life, no generation before us has been as confused and anxious about what, when and how much to eat. At Equiliberty, we aim to bring clarity and simplicity into the current jungle of often confusing and contradictory nutritional doctrines, many of which have little or no basis in science. We aim to provide clients with the knowledge and self-confidence to take their own decisions as to what, when and how they want to eat and, last but not least, we encourage them to enjoy the process!

FM42: What are the biggest challenges in achieving those goals?
As human beings, we are a unity of mind, body and soul. Any harmful behavioral pattern results from emotional impulses caused by the thoughts we created in our minds. Scientifically, we know today that when you change your beliefs for the better or the worse, you change your entire biochemistry accordingly. Therefore, even the best “food for body” is meaningless without adequate “food” for the soul and the mind. How can we expect to have a balanced and healthy body when, in fact, most of us go through life in a mental and emotional state of stress, anxiety, or silent desperation? How should be live happy, healthy and successful lives when our underlying beliefs are that we are powerless, undeserving and unable to do better? So if you want to achieve your full potential in an area of your life, you have to be ready to explore and, if necessary, change your most fundamental beliefs about life and about yourself. This is always the biggest challenge, because it requires us to let go of familiarity, leave our comfort zone and embark on a new journey towards discovering our fullest potential and becoming the best version of ourselves. To us at Equiliberty, this is the only journey worth traveling in life, and it is our mission to get as many people as possible to join us for the ride!

FM42: Are you planning to offer seminars and workshops for the public and how can you be contacted?
Since the establishment of Equiliberty Consulting, we have focused primarily on institutional projects relating to scientific research and work place health. I am happy to announce, that we will this year finally be able to expand our focus and, in particular, launch our tailor-made seminars for institutional, corporate and private clients. Simply contact us at or follow us on our new social media profiles where all upcoming activities and events will be announced. Be balanced, be free, Equiliberty!

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Photo & Video: Misa Obradovic



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