Otman Salil actor and model from Paris

Otman Salil – actor and model from Paris

Who is Otman Salil?
I am a  29 years old French Moroccan actor and model , born and raised in Paris. I started the modelling when i was living in London,  working with many international photographers but I couldn’t do the runways because I was “too small”, I’m 1m80 so I mostly did showrooms for different designers during the fashion weeks. But I m not frustrated at all about it because its fun to meet creative people and get the chance to wear their creations even if sometimes some of them are quiet weird . Its always fun. But the truth is that I m totally passionate about movies and acting so I decided to give myself a chance and to try .

I started acting 5 years ago now and I’ve been in great projects including theatre and movie projects here in Paris and also working on production of movies so i could learn from everyone and be aware of everything and how the business really work. My last project is a Tv series for Arte “En Immersion ” directed by Philippe Haim. I also write and work on my own projects, I wrote with a friend my first short movie whose about to come out soon in festivals “Inconnu(e)” directed by Ella Tounessi .

What inspired your passion for modelling?
Tony Ward inspired my passion for modelling because he’s very original and he doesn’t look like the perfect cliché of male models . He’s got his own look and something really special comes out of him and I think he’s got a very interesting face , plus he’s not that tall for modelling just like me .When it comes to movies, I m totally obsessed with Gregg Araki’s  movies, my favourites are Mysterious skin and Totally fucked up. It would be awesome to be in one of his next projects  .

What do you enjoy most about your profession?
Well lets be honest about it, it is  a very tough business and i choose very carefully all the projects that I m doing, so I m really happy when i meet creative and talented people who works really hard for their projects just like I do with mines .
What is the best advice you have ever been given?
That s a pretty weird advice but i liked it, when I was in New York couple of weeks ago  I was opening up to a very good friend of mine about many personal things and he looked at me and said :”Step that pussy up “! I m still trying to figure out exactly what he meant but i love it.
What are your working on right now and what are your future aspirations?
Right now I m working on my new film project that i m going to direct myself, I m still looking for a producer, that would help a lot . And I m also doing  something very exciting, I m posing for an incredible young painter, Rahima , who is a genius. She is working on her exhibitions and i wont be allowed to see the painting before it will be exposed in galleries but i totally trust her because she’s stunning .

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