FM42: Slavia, how you start your blogger carrier?
I started in 2009, when I was hired by Berner Bär as a columnist. It is the biggest weekly Newspaper for free in Bern with 116’000 edition. I wrote there for 3 years the column called “Slavias world”. After that time period, they replaced all the columnists. I decided to go online and started publishing my texts on my blog All over the years the Blog and Influencer Business grew bigger and was more important. My goal was always to help and inform people, to test products and write my reviews and thoughts about it.

FM42: What is so significant about you as a lifestyle blogger?

I like giving people advices and test products and services. I am very interested in the human body and all the effects supplements, nutrition and sports have on us. I am curious about innovations and on the other hand on all those traditional philosophies. I believe that women are so many things and I want to show all the facets of them.

FM42: What is your favorite place to have dinner?

What a difficult question. There are so many fabulous places, where I enjoy having dinner. But in the end it is important with who you have dinner and if you had fun and good conversations.
A really divine dinner experience I had at the Principe Leopoldo Restaurant in Lugano. It was a special dinner night, called “la notte Ruinart” and the chef Dario Ranza (he unfortunately left the Restaurant after almost 30 years this March) created a superlunary 6 course menu. This was pure magic what was served on our plates! Every course was served with a different and very special Ruinart Champagne. I still dream of this event.

FM42: Can you describe us one working day?

I get up and get my son ready for school. Afterward I check my agenda for my appointments and I write a to do list for the day. If I am going on an event or visiting a client, I am quickly giving myself a briefing, very superficial, because I want to stay open minded. I write a lot of texts for my blog, i read a lot of emails with offers, decide whether to take those collaborations or not, write down ideas, content and stories, plan my postings and shootings and plan when testing products and services.

FM42: What is your future plans?

I am a very intuitive person. I believe that time will show me, what my future plans are.

FM42: What is your favorite restaurant in Zagreb or Cafe?

Oh well, I am not that often in Zagreb, but last time my cousin took me to the bikers beer factory, which was quite funny – and I don’t even drink beer! I like new experiences.