ELLA ZUBROWSKA JEWELLERY & The newest collection “Excess and silence”

About Ella
Ella Zubrowska Jewellery, founded in Paris in May 2018, is a jewellery brand, inspired by the artworks and techniques of the most notable and distinguished ancient artisans of their times (mostly baroque and classicism): cabinetmakers, bronzers and gilders such as Pierre-Philippe Thomire or David Roentgen, who would put in as much application when producing their pieces as they would creativity and beauty in their design.
Ella uses inspiration from antique architectural and decorative art forms to create wearable pieces of art that accentuate the contours of the body. She is inexhaustibly committed to deliver the highest quality products that aim to capture all the finest points of our past, in order to bring them elegantly into the modern world, infusing a unique beauty with a healthy dose of exuberant eccentricity.

FW 2020/21

The newest collection was named “Excess and silence”. Full of contrasts, still in the baroque spirit of the brand, with an arrière-pensée touch. Her jewellery designs are making a statement of power and confidence; the pieces speak for themselves. The idea behind the brand is that anyone can now wear a piece of Versailles as a part of their stylised wardrobe. All the jewellery is completely handmade: from their concept and design by Ella, right through to their production at her workshops in Cracow, where her team puts on the finishing touches. The jewellery is made of brass and then 24K
gold-plated, using baths of ancient gold, which gives every piece it’s alluring colour. All pieces are always treated with dedicated personal care and an expert attention to detail.