Editorial – Steel My harT by Theresa Harnois

Editorial – Steel My harT by Theresa Harnois

Editorial – Steel My harT
Models: Jay Jordan and Alexandra Gooding
Jewelry: Theresa Harnois (harT Designs)
Makeup: Luisa Monarrez
Photography: Juan Loza (Loza Photography)
Fashion Stylist: Candace Carter

About Theresa Harnois

Theresa Harnois is a Scottsdale jewellery artist who is the founder and creative force behind harT Designs. Her artistic evolution has been influenced by many, however, her mother, Beverly, made the most meaningful impression. Because Theresa was fortunate enough to have grown up in a family of artists and in an environment rich with opportunities for creative expression, she currently enjoys many forms of art including painting and sketching. However, her true love is designing wearable art for clients who insist on pieces that embody both style and make a bold statement. Theresa’s desire to fuse both art and fashion is showcased in every piece she creates. Theresa boasts a global clients and her unique and one-of-a-kind pieces have donned both local and international runways. Additionally, her high impact designs have been showcased in numerous publications such as Fantastic, Institute, Zephyr, Pump and Xquisite.

As her brand continues to expand, Theresa remains committed to her artistic process and her dedication to the community. When she is not busy giving life to new collections she can be found happily donating her time and products to local and global non-profit organizations. In addition, Theresa’s other passion involves working with at-risk and special needs youth. She is a pioneer in the field and is determined to reveal heart-based strategies designed to bridge the gap between what today’s young people need and what is offered in today’s educational system.

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