Dementality – Join to our Charity Brunch in Zurich

Dementality was launched in 2019 with the idea of “getting the ball rolling and making a difference”, and embodies a composite of the words “dementia” and “mentality”. Fundamentally, it means the thought and behavioural pattern of a transformed personality.

In the long run, Dementality aims to continuously support dementia affected persons and their environment and to enable them with a touch of joy and zest for life in this modern world – even if in the end it only is for a brief moment.

The first step towards such an initiative is the organisation of a Tavolata in collaboration with various contributors and partners.

As founders of ‘Dementality’, we are personally and daily in touch with dementia. That is why we have made a visionary decision for us, other affected ones and their relatives:

To draw attention to this disease every year, to talk about it and to support affected people in the long term. Through numerous supports, Dementality is intended to create a multi-faceted and the novel methodology that allows happy moments for affected people.

Knowing that this joy is forgotten, but where the environment will remember for a long time. To make this vision a reality, we conduct at least one charity event a year.