Anna Luisa Jones and Rumour by Cityscape

We proudly presents managing director Anna Luisa Jones at  Rumour by Cityscape Fashion in Zurich

FM42: How did you start your shop business?
I had a 10 year career in fashion planning and buying. My more recent jobs were working for high volume commercial businesses and I just realised it wasn’t for me. I have a passion for fashion and I get so sick of seeing the same thing from the same retailers all over the world. It makes me sad that small businesses can’t open on the local high-street because all the space is taken up by the retail ‘giants’.

So I thought it was about time I started something myself. I have always dreamt of running a company. I support lesser known fashion labels for two reasons.

To help emerging designers become successful in their own name and to provide exclusive pieces that not everyone else will have. I began with an online business in 2013 alongside my full time job. It was a complete failure as I was too busy. In2014 I went full time with the project and re-launched a shiny new site in 2015.

However after a year of home office, I felt that I needed get out and engaging with customers personally. Showcasing the product in a certain creative vision can really allow customers to experience how special the garments are and allow them to feel the quality. Of course I couldn’t get a spot on the main street. But I found a gorgeous spot on a quiet backstreet near Paradeplatz called Schlüsselgasse and named it ‘Rumour’. I like the idea of the store being a secret you discover, a hidden treasure. Just like the designers I stock.

FM42: You have recently great shop launching tell us your impressions?
The store launch party was fantastic. People had to wait to get inside. It was a wonderful occasion with beautiful canapés, lots of bubbles and a fantastic DJ. Half of the visitors were friends who believe in me and came to support and celebrate, as it took me almost 3years to get to this stage. The other half were actually people I did not know, I was so moved! People who discovered me online or at my pop-up shops. They gave such wonderful feedback that it was so refreshing to see something different in Switzerland and that my selections were truly special. Since then the store has been very quiet, My only focus is to spread the Rumour and communicate with like-minded fashionistas that I am here and open for business.

FM42: How many designers you have in store?
Currently there are 6. Next spring we will launch a 7th

FM42: What kind of brands you have is it Swiss or international?
I support both Swiss and International brands. Everything is responsibly sourced and I know all the designers personally which means far more to me. We live in global economy now. Swiss designers don’t necessarily produce in Switzerland and vice verse, The Claudia Nobholz (Swiss)  produces fair trade in South East Asia. On the flip side I have 2 Scandinavian designers, Tina Gunnarsson and Moe Oslo that have produced and lived in Switzerland. The Hungarian designer, Dori Tomcsanyi produces in her home country, but some fabrics are from Switzerland. Then Kelly Love and Ukulele are both London based brands, but the designers are originally Chinese and Australian.

I would need a big chart to state; country the designer is from, country the fabrics are from, country the clothes are made in and lastly where the brand is registered.  So what does make a company Swiss or international? I love that my company represents a big melting pot of the world. Just look at me – I am English, but my company is 100% Swiss. It represents how you can support hard work and entrepreneurship for both Switzerland and for International talent.

FM42: What is your favourite fashion brand?
I can’t choose a favourite between what I stock, I love and admire them all so much. All these designers deserve to be successful, as do many other smaller brands. I’m educated in London and New York, When I was at fashion school (2006-2010) my favourites were always Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane, Alice Temperley, and Stella McCartney. Oh dear, that looks terrible biased to the UK! I am more worldly-wise now and less about the mainstream, it’s time to let the next generation and smaller designers to shine!

FM42: Any events in the shop soon?
We will have a Christmas party in December. Also we are launching a series of ‘Secret Sundays’ in the run up to Christmas. You need to sign up to our newsletter and Facebook page for an invite though!

FM42: Favourite make up product?
Oh no! You’ve asked someone who is rather minimal when it comes to make-up. Clothing is really my number one passion. I tend to keep my eyes natural. I can’t live without mascara. I tend to switch up either my blusher or lipstick for impact. In terms of brand loyalty, I am a huge bare minerals fan. It’s the only foundation that keeps my skin nice underneath and looks so natural anyway.
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