Our creative association has launched its first Open Call to all photographers.

DEADLINE: 20th August 2022


OPENING: 25th August, Art Cave Zurich Gallery

FINISSAGE & SHOW: 27th August, Eisladen, Zurich

We embrace the artists from all over the world, bringing with them new ideas and fresh interpretations of art.

Theme: First Date               

Each of us experiences some kind of feeling when that moment comes in life – a first date. What place would you personally choose to do it?  Maybe a contemporary art gallery, or even cooler if they’re doing a brand new, unconventional project with an opening and an apero and a DJ set. Or will you invite your partner to listen to a show and listen to an original musical performance of your favorite songs?  Or just classically go to a cafe and eat ice cream together? We have a solution-it can all be combined together!

You can be a part of our event and participate it!

We are looking for talents who can sincerely convey a sense of anticipation, excitement and the very feeling

in the very place of the 1st date. Send in your best images, abstracts, portraits, landscape it all depends on your personal rich imagination! 

The winners will be announced on 22th August 2022.

The “First Date” contest is organized by the creative association of

FashionMag 42, the Art Cave Zurich Gallery, Alexander Boldachev  Harp Fest Zurich, and DJ Vera Parish.