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FashionMag42  is the answer to the ultimate question of Fashion the style and everything in fashion.


Bojana Veljkovic – Tomic and Vladana Veljkovic, Editor in Chief

Contact email: and

Victor Navarro, Fashion Stylist / INTERNATIONAL42

Marina Đarmati, Journalist / NEWS42 / FASHION42

Svetlana Sremcevic, Beauty Editor / BEAUTY42

Aleksandra Petkovic, Journalist / NEWS42

Zorica Ninkovic, Journalist / NEWS42

Tihomir Besovic, Writer / NEWS42 / Column42

Lidija Antonovic, Drazen Tomic, Jovan Arsenijevic, Ivica Kuzmic Photographers / Video content

Ana Stankovic, Translator

Bojana Veljkovic – Tomic, Vladana Veljkovic, Founders & Editor in Chief

Moodytwin INC, Miranda Vidak, Logo Design

Perspectives, Digital Marketing


Publisher, PERSPECTIVES Software Solutions GmbH
Zurich, Switzerland


Please write us at with any questions, or technical problems.

We will try to provide you with the answers shortly.

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