Interview with Salah Ghribi

salah ghribi modelling

1.Who is Salah Ghribi?

– I am fashion Model from Tunis. I was study design.
I love architecture,literature and music.

2.What inspired your passion for modelling?

– You can get to express yourself in so many ways. Every day is different,
never boring. I like the fact that you meet different people,it can be very
inspiring.Travelling is something that is so special too. Fashion is not
just about clothing, is the way we live, what is happening.

3.What was your biggest opportunity in your modelling career?

– My first fashion show on big fashion event in Tunis.I was have many good
till now.But in this moment,I am preparing myself for Paris next year.Few
months it will be my fashion destination,so i think I will do my best there.

4.What motivates you?

– You should find what makes you special and embrace it.Experience with
amazing people.Surround yourself with good,positive people.Work on yourself
every day.Good vibe.A lot of effort is worth it, in the end.

5.What’s your most memorable shoot?

-It was my first shoot with great Tunisian designer Salah Barka.I was have
it many good with so created and professional people.If you have fun on a
shoot it was good.

6.What is your favourite city and where do you like to hang out there?

– I have few where I feel so good like Milan and Paris. But my favourite
city is Belgrade.I like architecture and atmosphere of the city.I’m soon
coming there, so i cant not wait to go out!

7.What are your plans for the future?

– Like i say,am preparing myself for Paris, next year. I hope I will work
there good. Before I’m coming to Belgrade, and then in Croatia, in Zagreb
for work and private life. So i think we will see each other in future

Article by Vladana Veljkovic
Photo TSA Agency


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