The Spring 2019 CALVIN KLEIN JEANSand CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEARcampaign captures the raw and honest emotions and experiences of youth today. Shot in a familiar suburban environment – in bedrooms and bathrooms, in backyards and backseats of cars – the coming-of-age concept evokes universal truths of curiosity, companionship, sexual exploration, and the spirit of rebellion. Set to the iconic New Order track, “True Faith”, the narrative is simultaneously nostalgic and new; it is a story of what it means to live in the now. 


The cast was chosen for their unapologetic attitudes and confidence; their willingness to embrace the spirit of youth.

Shawn Mendes, the Grammy nominated singer-songwriter who stars in his first CALVIN KLEIN campaign puts authenticity first and while he doesn’t believe youth has a beginning or an end, understands the power of youth today. “I think that youth, and this generation in general right now, are speaking so loudly, and people are listening more than ever. And it’s incredible because they’re saying very, very important things and people are listening. I don’t think we’ve ever been louder as a younger generation – and in the best way.”

Noah Centineo, the actor who also makes his CALVIN KLEIN campaign debut this season, isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo and looks at youth as mindset.  “I think youth is a thing, regardless of age, that looks at the world, that looks at a scenario, and flips it on its head and goes, ‘that might not be right. How can we do that better?'”

Kendall Jenner believes youth is attitude. “I don’t think youth has an end really. I think it’s all in your soul and how you feel rather than an actual age.”

A$AP Rocky, the fearless artist who believes rules are meant to be broken, believes youth is possible at any time. “I think that youth can be the beginning stage of any part of life whether it’s a new career, a new chapter, a new album.”

Rounding out the campaign cast are Jasmine DanielsAnna EwersJiali ZhaoLulu TenneyErnesto CervantesFernando Albaladejo and Timo Baumann. Tommy Vanden Meerssche and Michael Order are also featured in the main campaign video.


A continuation of the youth-minded #MYCALVINS movement, the campaign rollout will embrace a digital-first, socially powered mindset. The campaign will be featured globally and supported by digital, social, high-impact outdoor locations and print. The main campaign images and video were captured by Glen Luchfordand styled by Melanie Ward.  New content will be introduced continuously throughout the season, including a series of product-focused images shot by Tyler Mitchell.


The latest offerings from CALVIN KLEIN JEANS feature the brand’s most iconic archival pieces, reimagined for today. Timeless washes and the CK monogram are rediscovered for a new set of everyday essentials with a nostalgic feel.  Athletic-inspired side stripe detailing on denim bottoms add a fresh take on a wardrobe staple.

The new Statement 1981 underwear introduces the latest in the evolution of designer underwear, featuring a bold graphic waistband detail that pays tribute to the year CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR first debuted.

Talent Crediting —Shawn Mendes, Noah Centineo, Kendall Jenner, A$AP Rocky, Jasmine Daniels, Anna Ewers, Jiali Zhao, Lulu Tenney, Ernesto Cervantes, Fernando AlbaladejoTimo BaumannTommy Vanden Meerssche, and Michael Order.

Creative Crediting —The main campaign images and video were captured by Glen Luchford and styled by Melanie Ward.